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Where UK Energy Comes From

UK energy comes from a range of different sources. There are a wide range of different energy companies, too, and they have different priorities in terms of what they invest in.

The UK has very little green electricity in its supply mix. It is estimate that this is around the region of just 2.5% of the electricity that gets into your home is generated from renewable sources. This may change in the future and it may have to change if the fossil fuels run out, there are energy companies that spend more on green technology than others so these are worth considering.

When it comes to the majority of electricity then, where does it come from?

Well, around 18% of the energy content of the UK grid comes from nuclear sources.

This means that the vast majority comes from other sources, and in fact at the moment just under 80% of the energy content of the UK grid comes from fossil fuels, so in other words the vast majority.

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