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What You Need To Know About Keeping Animals

When you keep animals then there come certain responsibilities that you must ensure that you live up to.

To a greater or lesser extent and perhaps fully with some animals, they will depend on you entirely, so you must ensure that you are able to meet your responsibilities to the welfare of your animals and ensure that you are able to continue to meet them if for instance you go away for a while.

You must ensure that they are free from pain, injury, disease, discomfort, hunger, thirst, fear, distress and are able to act as they would in the state of nature, that is to say, they are able to express their ordinary behaviour whilst they are in your care.

Therefore to help facilitate this you should ensure that they get the correct diet for that particular animal with the nutrients that they require; you cannot feed them waste food from a kitchen for instance. And you should ensure that they have enough fresh drinking water and that they are in suitable conditions: for instance animals that need dry conditions to lie down must be provided with dry conditions.

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