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Getting A Water Meter Fitted

A water meter is a method of measuring how much water you use, and therefore you only pay for the water you use rather than a flat rate.

The excellent fact about this method is that you are encouraged to only use water when you need it - no more running the tap when brushing your teeth as you now know that you will pay for the water!

It is also a much fairer way of being charged for water. With more and more single person households there are more and more people subsiding families with four or five times the water consumption - several showers each morning, loads of washing to do, more people flushing the toilet and so forth.

Therefore it makes sense to get a water meter if you are environmentally conscious, if you believe that it is fairer to pay for what you use rather than a flat rate that may radically overestimate your use, and if you want to make sure that the cost of water means you are constantly more conscious of how much you are using!

The majority of water companies offer an excellent service with water meters. Installation is normally free, done fairly quickly, and you often even have the ability to go back to your current unmetered offering if you decide to after a year.

So there really is no reason not to take the plunge and get a water meter installed. Simply contact your water provider for more information.

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